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Re: Alert!

Oct 01, 1995 05:18 AM
by John R Crocker

On Sun, 1 Oct 1995, Jerry Schueler wrote:

> JRC:< (I wonder if there is a cosmic
> principle operating that is determining who is getting what ... (-:) -
> interesting that we all may be seeing different fragments of the
> conversations ...).>
> I have received messages with quotes from older
> postings and new comments, and then one or two days later
> received the original post. Weird huh?
> Jerry S.

Yes, as a matter of fact I just got the post you are responding
to two days ago, and I mailed it nearly two *weeks* ago. Weird thing is,
some posts to the list have come back to me almost immediately, while
others seem to be delayed by days.

(I wonder if this hurts theos-l conversations, or helps them (-:).

Oh, well, as Nietzsche said, "You must have chaos within yourself
to give birth to a dancing star".


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