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Re Dreams

Oct 11, 1995 10:39 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Lewis:<Lewis: Have you read HPB on dreams where she gives three kinds? As I
recall one was the result of chemical reactions in the physical brain
caused by such things as food digestion. One was rememberances of our
astral wanderings, and the last was rememberances from past lives. >

I believe that this is in Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge. And
yes, I am aware of the different types of dreams. I was speaking in
generalities. Remember, there are also many types of lives being
lived on Earth in physical bodies. Some of these are more "real" and
more "objective" than others too. Does a blind person have less
objectivity than one who sees? Does an infant have less reality than
a grown up? I say again that, in general, there is more reality in our
dreams than in our waking state. I also agree with Tibetan
Buddhism that the Path can only be tread as a human in the waking
state. But how well we tread that Path directly effects the objectivity
and reality of our dreams and bardo.

Jerry S.

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