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Re: Symbols And Bridges

Oct 13, 1995 08:26 AM
by Lewis Lucas

> Jerry S.: Dreams are but astral
> experiences (else, please someone explain them
> another way).

Lewis: I have offered a few other causes for dreams.

> Jerry S.: Emotions exist on the astral plane.
> Thought exist on the mental plane. Our mental
> body is a thought-body, in a sense a thought-form, -
> manas meaning mind. Our astral body is a desire
> body - kama meaning desire. We only have direct
> knowledge of whats going on upon Earth via our
> physical senses.

Lewis: Then how do you explain paranormal experiences? I got the idea
that while we are alive the "particles" from all these "bodies"
are in constant motion, which gives us the ability to "sense" all
these, but at death the bodies are normally reorganized into
concentric spheres thus limiting our perceptions.

> Jerry S.: In the same way, we only can
> directly experience the astral plane via the astral
> senses in our astral body, and we can only have
> direct experience on the mental plane via the
> mental senses of the mind.
> However, if you want to connect our
> subtle bodies with our physical, you need to do
> so through the chakras, not the glands of the brain.
> The chakras directly link our physical body to
> all of the subtle bodies that we cannot see but
> exist nonetheless. Of course, it is sometimes
> said that the brow chakra is now the pineal gland,
> or whatever the third eye is supposed to be. But
> each of the chakras also has its physical equivalent,
> and we don't want to ignore them and just look
> at the pineal or pituitary.
> Jerry S.

Lewis: I tend to agree with you here, but the descriptions of the
movement of these forces through the chakras and into the aura, for
instance in Besant's STUDY IN CONSCIOUSNESS, suggests to me that
while not fully developed there is a constant interchange of mental
and astral impressions to the physical. It is how we feel or think.

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