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Re: Symbols and Bridges

Oct 13, 1995 07:16 AM
by Jerry Schueler

Murray:<This ties in with Don de Gracia's description of the wonderful powers of
the brain that are being discovered. I don't think it clashes with the
idea that mental perception is on the mental plane etc. I think they're
connected by the fact that the brain electrochemical activity somehow
makes a model of the mental and astral plane processes, and that they're
all connected via the chakras, brain and glands, and probably a whole set
of multi-dimensional energy fields. It would be entirely possible for
perception or contact to be made at mental-to-mental or astral-to-astral
levels, provided the vehicles are sufficiently developed. Then,
presumably, the impulses could filter "down" to the brain if it were
receptive or energised enough.>

First, thanks for your post. I would say that rather than
the brain "making" a model of the mental and astral plane processes,
that the reverse is really what is going on. The brain, and in fact all
of the physical body, is an expression or precipitation of the mental
and astral. So what we see going on in the brain is, I think,
effects or physical expressions of astral and mental activity, although
the physical can effect the astral and metal as well. When we
open or stimulate the chakras, astral travel, or any other occult-type
activity, the physical body expresses this in subtle ways, usually
through chemical or electrical changes.

Murray:<Gee, I'm sure looking forward to more research being done
on all this, and the convergence of science and occultism!>

Me too.

Jerry S.

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