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Re: Comments on Subtle Bodies

Oct 13, 1995 02:47 AM
by Eldon B. Tucker


> You are not the only one who can't follow their logic in these
>matters, and I appreciate your comments. I often find myself "dazed
>and confused" after reading their posts, but find yours very clear. I
>guess there is just more in your posts that reflects my own
>understanding on these topics.

There's two different models being spoken of. I'm somewhat aware
of both, having started off reading Leadbeater as a teenager, and
later reading Purucker, Judge, and Blavatsky. If you don't try to
make the two *different models* converge, you'll avoid the confusion.
But the understand the non-CWL model, you'll have to forgot what
you've heard before, and treat the material with an open mind
as though you're an entirely new student of Theosophy.

-- Eldon

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