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Re: Symbols and Bridges

Oct 13, 1995 01:30 AM
by Murray Stentiford, Scientific Software and Systems Ltd

Jerry S:

><<Jerry: They (Psychic_ are not extensions of the physical senses
><James:<Unfortunatly, I'ts very clear that these 'senses' are received
><bia the Pineal and Pituitary Glands (Physical Organs), and their
><perceptions relayed through the physical brain in order that we
><may perceive them.
>Jerry: Clear by whose definitions? What you seem to be saying
>is certainly not clear to me. ....
>If you mean to imply that the astral and mental bodies
>effect the physical body via the pineal and pituitary glands
>in the brain, than I have no problem with that.
> ..... there exists a cause-effect relationship between
>mind, emotions, and body. But I still believe that each
>subtle body has its own set of senses appropriate to
>its plane. .....
> However, if you want to connect our
>subtle bodies with our physical, you need to do
>so through the chakras, not the glands of the brain.
>The chakras directly link our physical body to
>all of the subtle bodies that we cannot see but
>exist nonetheless.

Geoffrey Hodson had an understanding of his own mechanism of
consciousness and that of others, wherein the two glands (pineal and
pituitary) are intimately involved in sensitising the brain to receive on
bodies, planes etc. He was aware that the chakras are intimately involved
as well, bidirectionally.

In his now-out-of-print book "The Science of Seership", he describes
(I'm remembering this - the book's at home) a sort of polarity of subtle
energy or light set up between the two glands, coupled into and sitting
on top of the spinal currents.

Before beginning clairvoyant research, he would stimulate the kundalini
to enter this system and get it going full-bore.

I think we have to take this all this as a multi-level description, and
see the different levels as intimately interacting, yet not fully so, at
this stage of evolution.

This ties in with Don de Gracia's description of the wonderful powers of
the brain that are being discovered. I don't think it clashes with the
idea that mental perception is on the mental plane etc. I think they're
connected by the fact that the brain electrochemical activity somehow
makes a model of the mental and astral plane processes, and that they're
all connected via the chakras, brain and glands, and probably a whole set
of multi-dimensional energy fields. It would be entirely possible for
perception or contact to be made at mental-to-mental or astral-to-astral
levels, provided the vehicles are sufficiently developed. Then,
presumably, the impulses could filter "down" to the brain if it were
receptive or energised enough.

Geoffrey could certainly see brain activity in another person. One day
when I and a couple of others were assisting him with research on music
forms, he suddenly interrupted what he was saying to note that was struck
by what was going on in my brain, and that I was somehow recreating the
music in my head. He never said anything like that before or since, in
perhaps 20 hours of sharing this kind of work. This rather hit me,
because I was in fact strenuously trying to reconstruct the harmony
and full sound of it at that very moment. The piece was the slow movement
of the Haydn horn concerto, played without accompaniment, and I didn't
know it. It sounded just like a long and dirgeful sequence of unconnected
notes, and I was putting everything I had into trying to fit a musical
pattern around it. There's more to the story, but that's the gist of it.

Gee, I'm sure looking forward to more research being done on all this,
and the convergence of science and occultism!


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