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Seeing Auras

Oct 03, 1995 10:48 AM
by james yungkans

Paul, I can give you some correlation (Unpublished) in regard to
your layers, if your seeing the same ones referred to by Barbara
Brennan. If you study the Heindel model (Rosicrucian
Cosmo-Conception) you will find similar layers described. The
exact coorelations are as Follows:

 Brennan Heindel: Physical Astral Mental
-------- -------------- ------------- -------------
Etheric Chemical Ether
Emotional Passion,
Mental Life Ether
Astral Feelings
Eth. Template Form Archetype
Celestial Soul Life
Ketheric Light Ether
'8th' Level Soul Light
'9th' level Reflecting Eth.

As you can see, Brennan's sight is not all that special in the
sense that she is not all that far beyond the ASTRAL plane of the
human form. For your reference, 'Core Star' is the 'Soul Power'
of Heindel (if my model holds true), and the 'Haric' level is
correlated to the Mental region of 'Concrete Thought.'

If it helps, I can confirm for you that the 'Etheric Double' (or
the 'currents' in Cosmo-Conception ??) correlate to your early
auric sight. It's an early phase, usally as the eyes are just
opening. I rarely see the 'Egg', but then again I don't work at
developing 'Auric Sight.'

A warning: Don't let the 'PSYCHIC VISION' draw you off developing
yourself SPIRITUALLY. To many people have permitted themselves
to delve too deeply into that arena without knowing what was waiting
on the other side of that 'Door.' Speaking from experience, you
will encounter everything from astral entities (such as Kama-Rupas)
to lower spiritual beings (such as Heyoan). If your will is not
strong enough, you face the risk of POSESSION. Not a nice thought.
Also, you should emphasise opening your 'Third Eye', which caries
true vision, rather than "Psychic" abilities (which are the realm
of the Astral "Spook" (to honor old HPB's wording). 'Third Eye'
is a most overused term, as it relates to the True vision of the
MIND (Manas), and not to the Pituitary (as many people now believe).
I might be crying wolf in your case, but to many people get excited
about this stuff, and allow Glamour to cloud Common Sense. I Know.


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