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Don 2 Liesel: Equations

Oct 24, 1995 11:27 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Hi, Don,

What you wrote re non-linear equations is just enough. At least now I
understand what they're talking about. It's a good thing you didn't
get mathematical on me. For some reason, I got A's in HS Algebra &
Geometry, but with college Calculus I just about made a C. It's just
beyond me.

I really agree with your statement re our 3rd object: "Know thyself &
the world you inhabit." I think that's a real good statement.
I'm sorry your book didn't get past the TPH editors. Please don't let
that keep you from expressing your ideas. You're a young man with
valid ideas which ought to be heard, or read, however it works out.

I still haven't had a chance to read through your Don 2 Eldon, but
mean to & will comment, if I have anything worth adding.
 I'm exhausted today, because I spent some of my recent spare time getting
2 little kids into hallowe'en costumes (from remnants & other
materials I had around the house). I live in a Sr. Citizen's
apt. complex, with services ... really a community, & yesterday was
our monthly family night dinner, which this month became our
hallowe'en party. I'd invited some friends with little kids, &
since I love to make dress-up things from scraps, still from my Den
Mother days, we devised a Pocahontas & a Power Ranger, who beat up a
new found friend at the party with a bunch of balloons. Rather the 2
little boys went at each other with baloons, & the new found friend was finally
dragged home by his mother screaming protest all the way. I'm exhausted.


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