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Pandits and Gurus

Oct 24, 1995 11:56 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins


But how do we teach this? JHE would teach the ideas from the
books and leave the spiritual side to the individual to handle
on his self-initiative. I'd want something more than that, but
I'm not initially sure as to how to go about it.

 That is the difference between a pandit and a guru. I'm
just a pandit--I only teach theosophy--and I teach it in such a
way that students will be able to use it in their lives. Those
who believe that they have some special enlightment, spiritual
authority, superior spiritual understanding, or believe that they
are speaking from the Masters, become the gurus. They have their
job, I have mine. What I try to do is to teach people to develop
the tools they need in order to listen to the Master that is
within them--that is all a pandit can do. The meditation
techniques, pranayamas, Aums, prayers, pujas, asanas and
kundalini raising are things that I leave to the gurus who at
least think that they know what they are doing. Personally, I
would not want to take on the karma of a guru--especially one who
is mistaken.

Jerry HE

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