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Re: Don 2 Eldon

Oct 24, 1995 11:27 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

To Don DeG

Re: "hidden heritage of the Masters' ... it's only occult until
someone figures out what makes it tick, then it becomes known & no
longer occult.

To continue this thought, I agree with your assessment that eventually
the hidden & the public knowledge will converge.

Re exploring experiences that transcend the ordinary,... some early
biofeedback researchers, I think it was the Greenes, once took some
measurements of a cooperating yogi. I remember one was that
the yogi stoped his
heart & they got the proof via cardiogram. & the yogi said afterwards
that he could have stopped his heart longer, but that he'd heard that
the graph paper they were using was terribly expensive. I've
forgotten what other measurements they did on him.


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