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Re: forgiving your body

Oct 25, 1995 05:12 PM
by Bee Brown

>Hello Eldon and the others.
>On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, Eldon B. Tucker wrote:
>> Purucker offers some interesting ideas that this seems to relate to.
>> Monads in our constitution. They as centers of consciousness are
>> the animal nature which our human nature, the Human Monad, uses.
>> The "horse" that you ride is an Animal Monad in the Human Kingdom,
>> destinated, if it continues its evolution, to be a Human Monad in
>> its own right at the end of the Seventh Round.
>Thank you for your reply. I found this idea very interesting. It gives
>an explanation to why I experience my body having kind of own
>consciousness. And sometimes I even feel sorry about Him/it for abusing
>or neglecting it. But if so, who am I now writing this? The uprising
>animal Monad or inhabiting Human Monad? Or both? And what happens to
>Human Monad, when Animal Monad is full grown. Are these monads going to
>mere to a single consciousness? Will the ready Animal Monad be the
>inheritor of Human Monad's consciousness and intelligent?

Having just been reading all about that, I feel what all that is not quite
correct but hopefully an explanation will come as I would be very interested
in it too. As I have mentioned, I am right into elementals and I vaguely
know what the animal elemental essence we are made of, is. Not I think, an
animal monad but lots of potential animal monads.
>One more thing, our body is much older (Saturn period) than our other
>principes eg. mind, so in a way it is much more perfect and wise. For
>example it has autonomous functions such as respiration, digestion,
>sensing... etc, which are far beyond our mind's capabilities. And our
>mind doesn't (yet) function automatically as our blood circulation does.
>Eg. our feeling-system is already more automatic/perfect than our
>intelligent - being older (Moon period). I want to say that we, as a Human
>Monad, could learn much from our body.
>To get a Dhyan-Choan inhabit my soul, huh, I wonder would it be nice?

Nice to see you back again. Bee
>aki korhonen
>Oulu. Finland.

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