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Re: forgiving your body

Oct 26, 1995 04:14 AM
by Coherence

In a message dated 95-10-25 06:44:23 EDT, you write:

>To get a Dhyan-Choan (sic) inhabit my soul, huh, I wonder would it be nice?

I refer you to "source" Theosophy:

"Withal, the Monad of every living being, unless his moral turpitude breaks
the connection and runs loose and 'astray into the Lunar path' -- to use the
Occult expression -- is an individual Dhyan Chohan, distinct from others, a
kind of spiritual individuality of its own, during one special Manvantara.
 Its primary, the Spirit (Atman) is one, of course, with Paramatma (the one
Universal Spirit), but the vehicle (Vahan) it is enshrined in, the Buddhi, is
part and parcel of that Dhyan-Chohanic Essence . . . "
(Secret Doctrine, i 265)

So now, you tell me, is it nice?

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