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Cat evolution

Oct 28, 1995 11:02 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>The animals are eventually supposed to evolve
>into human beings, in this manvantara or the next one. So I'm
>teaching my little cat everything she can absorb.

Actually, I think my cats are teaching me. They have me jumping through hoops
all the time. :-}

I've read recently that in ancient Egypt worshipped the cat (called miw) and
people who killed cats, even accidentally, were lynched. Domestic cats were
officially equal with humans - they even sat at the table with them at mealtime.
When the family cat died, the whole family mourned and the cat was buried with
all the pomp and ceremony usually reserved for humans.

Yet, during the Dark Ages they were a lot of superstitions about cats and they
were killed. As the rat population increased, more people died from fatal
diseases that were carried by the rats' fleas.

Seems like the evolution of the cat species has periodically changed from being
worshipped and valued to being hunted as companions' of witches. If the
collective soul of the cat could talk, I wonder what it would say it had
learned from these experiences?

- ann

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