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HPB Booklet

Oct 28, 1995 02:55 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

The recently announced program of publications begun with
*Similis Es* by A.E.Waite and Arthur Machen continues with

~Concerning H.P.B.~ - Stray Thoughts on Theosophy by G.R.S.
Mead, who was her private secretary towards the end of her life,
and a gnostic scholar in his own right. The booklet contains a
Preface by R.A. Gilbert, and a scanned picture of Mead himself,
together with his signature. It is limited to 100 copies,
individually numbered.

Like the other booklets in the series, it is being distributed
by ABRAXAS, based in Bristol England, who are acting for the
Theosophical Research Group. It is hoped that many areas of
Theosophical research may be covered in due course, with
occasional offerings from contemporary authors as well as
reprints such as the above.

Clearly, no one is going to get rich on this project, which is
beginning on goodwill and existing resources owned by UK-based
theosophists rather than hard cash. These are limited to a
degree, and most of the receipts from sales are likely to go
into equipment rather than pockets!

Further information from the E-mail address below.


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