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Re: forgiving your body

Oct 30, 1995 06:13 AM
by Coherence

In a message dated 95-10-30 13:19:06 EST, you write:

>Aki:<To get a Dhyan-Choan inhabit my soul, huh, I wonder would it be nice?>
>Coherence:<So now, you tell me, is it nice? >
> I suspect that Aki meant consciously. It does us no good
>whatsoever to know that we are inherently spiritual if were aren't
>consciously aware of it. And if we were consciously aware of it,
>we would be an Adept, because that is basically the only difference
>between an Adept and everyone else.

We'll have to wait and see what the writer meant by his question. It never
hurts to begin at the beginning and start with fundamental statements. The
wording of the statement/question indicates the idea that a separate being
would come and inhabit his body (soul). If he were not aware that we, each
of us, indeed are Dhyan Chohans in our essence, then by pointing out that
fact will create an awareness where it did not previously exist, and the Path
to realization has begun. I suspect many are unaware of what is meant by the
term "Dhyan-Chohan". Also being aware of a spiritual nature inside of us is
greatly different from just being consciously AWARE or fully self-conscious
which is the primary attribute of an Adept.

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