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re: historical and doctrinal

Oct 24, 1995 09:44 AM
by Bee Brown

>agree with Jerry to try to preserve the teachings as they were given
>will eventually come to naught. They need to be restated in the
>medium of the current times. The basic ideas must be flexible enough
>to start with so that they can be restated in such a way that they mean
>something to present-day people, even 1000 years from now. If they
>don't fire the interest & the imagination, who is going to look at
>them. Someone who honors them because they happen to be 1000 years
>old? You don't believe that yourself.
A bit like Jerry's previous comments about HPB writing to classical scholars
and us trying to find her unheard of words in the dictionary. We are trying
but a simpler version like de Purucker is bearing more fruit for me, anyway.
We are studying SD because it is the horses mouth, so to speak yet the fact
that there are only 3 of us would indicate the lack of interest or ability
to come to grips with the way it is presented to our 1995 minds. Most of us
are not scholars yet to me, the stuff she talks about is fascinating, what I
can understand, that is.
Regards, Bee>

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