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Re: RE quotes by Bee B. and Liesel D.

Oct 24, 1995 10:06 AM
by Bee Brown

>"I can't see how history can help us understand or live theosophy
>any better."

Actually that is not my quote. I don't recall holding that opinion. I
enjoyed Isis Unveiled for the vast stretches of the past that it opened up.
It added to the growing concept in my mind of the enormous expanse of time
that has gone before.
>"I've never liked scholasticism. I'd rather read about some ideas
>I can work with & use in my daily life....So I just pass over these
>discussions about nomenclatures, & what the Masters were or are. My
>interest in the Masters, for instance, is rather in their teachings."
>If one only experienced our every day life and had little knowledge of
>geography and history, I for one would feel a tremendous loss. A knowledge of
>geography and history adds new dimensions to our lives; adds new perspectives
>and an incredible richness. A better knowledge of geography and history
>helps us to transcend time and space and allows us to enter into the lives
>of other human beings of other times and cultures. I'm not saying we should
>ignore our own personal, day to day life.
>Daniel Caldwell
>I do question how secure a base history really is. Any history book is
someones perspective of history and is coloured by the current mindset as to
what is history. I realise that a trained historian would perhaps be more
objective. Just to read HPB telling how the Christian teachings have been
changed to suit various purposes over the centuries and that what we have
now is not how it started out, gives me reason to doubt how much credibility
I can place on history. A rough idea of major events would be about it for me.
Regards Bee

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