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Re: re: on CWL

Oct 01, 1995 04:52 PM
by Richtay

So let's get this straight:

Charles W. Leadbeater was accused (with some proof) of molesting children, he
is pretty much proven to be a very bad clairvoyant, and he founded the
Liberal Catholic Church to carry on those very rituals and dogmas which HPB
took such great pains to criticize.

I don't understand why CWL would be drawn to use Theosophy as a vehicle for
his "teachings" in the first place.

When we compare Leadbeater to say, Judge, the difference is so great as to
astonish one who realized that both were called "Theosophists" in their day.

Nearly all of Leadbeater's books deal with psychism, while almost none of Mr.
Judge's writings even mention psychic studies, except to condemn them. I'm
still incredulous that the majority of Theosophists in the world at that time
respected and followed CWL while scorning HPB's teachings.

Is it any wonder that Theosophy has so little public hearing today, so little
attention paid by the intelligentsia and empowered folks?

It makes me very, very sad that Theosophy was de-railed by the very people
who were charged with upholding it until the next Messenger was to come.


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