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Re: re: on CWL

Oct 01, 1995 11:55 PM
by Thomas Nelson

Rich said:

>It makes me very, very sad that Theosophy was de-railed by the very people
>who were charged with upholding it until the next Messenger was to come.

The whole concept of a "next Messenger" is liable to produce more conflict and
delusion than it's worth (just as the concept of a Messiah does). I don't know
why H.P.B. even brought it up.

As for C.W.L., I think his teachings were a mix of Kama-Manas and
Buddhi-Manas. He
wasn't an initiate, IMO, but he did have some impression from the Masters. I
agree with his concept of the planes (though his diagrams can lead to misunder-
standings), but I think his thinking was so laden with Astral experiences, that
most of the deeper meaning that you get in the S.D. was lost. I don't think
is tragic, it was symptomatic of the movement at that time. The Masters were
always skeptical of whether the movement would work, so these failures came
as no
surprise. They were instructive, and if the present T.M. is to survive,
they will
heed the warnings.

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