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RE: Rich on CWL & Censorship

Oct 02, 1995 00:08 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>I actually have no idea what I am saying that is so annoying to you.

I have no doubt of that.

>You're angry that I quote HPB to make my points? That I don't enjoy Bailey's
>take on Theosophy? That I think Leadbeater was a very disturbed person and
>the opposite of an Adept? I have no idea what you think I've written that
>sounds like a "screaming match" but it is weird to me.

The phrase, "screaming match", was directed at anyone on the list that overeacts
or perhaps writes an emotional post, sends it out before calming down, thinking
it over and rewriting it an hour later.

Your opinions regarding various people in the theosophical movement make
ABSOLUTELY NO IMPRESSION on me. They are yours and if you find value in them,
then I applaud that.

I have always considered Brenda to be a very intelligent, highly advanced and
sweet person. She opened my eyes to the beauty of the Secret Doctrine by her
posts. When you took it upon yourself to tell her to remove herself from the
list, I simply could not tolerate your rudeness any longer.

>When we compare Leadbeater to say, Judge, the difference is so great as to
>astonish one who realized that both were called "Theosophists" in their day.

I am very near to finishing Ancient Mystic Rites, a book by CWL. It is about
the history of the Masons. Everyone on this list has the basic freedom to read
whatever book we want, by whatever author we choose.

There may be others on the list who are eager to debate CWL versus Judge, Bailey
versus Blavatsky, etc. In my vision, it's just a lot of apples and oranges, but
basically still fruit. Which one goes down the gullet better for you.

>Is it any wonder that Theosophy has so little public hearing today, so little
>attention paid by the intelligentsia and empowered folks?

Who are the empowered folk? The media, who panders to the lowest common
demoninator with talk shows, soap operas and tabloids? The government? Who are
the empowered? I think the real power exists with Christ, Buddha, the Masters,
their disciples, the New Group of World Servers, Theosophists and any sincere
person working for unity and brotherhood. The real power is on the inner


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