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Re: Source Teachings

Oct 02, 1995 00:11 AM
by Aprioripa


 Great discussion! The discernment of the buddhic/intuitive presence of
the Mahatmas' influence behind various writings is a wonderful knowing.

>But, Patrick, most of the serious Blavatsky students I personally know, do
>not accept the claims and teachings of Bailey, the teachings of the Temple
>some of the writings of Helena Roerich.

 I find this an interesting phenomena as the writings are geniune as part
of the Mahatmas' work. All of the statements I have heard that purport to
show that they are not so have been easily dispensed with. "Source"
teachings would be all those by Mahatma's and Initiates.

>And HPB herself admits that there is such a thing as PSEUDO-THEOSOPHY.

 Indeed so -- and its quality is easily discernable (sectarianism,
self-importance, caustic personal criticims, authoritarian control, etc.)

>Students of Theosophy can believes whatever but those who accept HPB's
>original claims would be wise to also carefully consider the warnings
>given by HPB and the Masters about bogus claims and distortions of
>If such could happen in the 1880s, why not after 1891?

 Yes, it continues to happen today but those who see with the eyes of the
heart will know the truth.


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