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Re: Reincarnation

Oct 01, 1995 04:52 PM
by Richtay

Liesel wrote:

> Alan,
> I think it also depends on how you lived & died. I've read that
> people who get killed, like in a battle or accident,
> reincarnate much sooner. & adepts or chelas have a much longer
> period of rest inbetween lives than less spiritual folks.

I've read just the opposite in Theosophical teachings, that those who are
killed prematurely (provided they are old enough to have incarnated Manas,
say 7 or 8 or so) spend their natural lives in the after-death state, usually
unconscious and "dreaming" if they were good people, and then a long rest in
Devachan proportionate to the unfulfilled spiritual energies they had set in

I also read that Chelas are helped out of Devachan early by the Adepts,
because they can do much better world in the world.

I was not aware that the Adepts had Devachan at all, being beyond such
dreamy, illusionary, "assimilative" states. Since Devachan is only produced
by one's UNACTUALIZED spiritual aspirations, thoughts, hopes, etc., and since
the Adepts are fully conscious of their spiritual energies and use them to
the highest, their is no "unabsorbed" or "unrealized" energy to produce the
Devachanic state.

I will try and find sources to document these thoughts when I have a moment.


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