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Re: CWL and WQJ

Oct 06, 1995 04:47 PM
by Richtay

Daniel Caldwell:

>What is the source (forgive me Eldon!) for Rich's
>statement concerning WQJ and 500 Mahatma Letters?"<

The source is Mr. Judge himself, in a speech entitled "Reply by William Q.
Judge To Charges of Misuse of Mahatmas; Names and Handwritings" read April
29, 1895, where he claims:

"from that time on [1875], with exceptions when I was physically in unfit
condition, or when I allowed doubt, jealousy, or other defects of character
to interfere, I have been in comunication with the Master and friends of his,
receiving help and direction from him and them in my Theosophic work and
sending for him, very frequently,--I may say hundreds of times--messages to
friends and correspondents, without identifying them all as such."

In a statement delivered weeks before the "Judiciary Committee" convened to
"try" him, (July 10, 1894 in London), Mr. Judge said that he was quite
prepared to furnish whatever of proof anyone wanted of the Mahatma's reality
and Their work with him. However, Mr. Judge pointed out, to do so would
violate the Constitution, for producing Mahatma letters at an official
"Theosophical gathering" would in fact presume that Theosophy enforced belief
in Mahatmas, and had the power and authority to decide what was and what was
NOT from Mahatmas.

Mr. Olcott agreed that such would plunge the T.S. into an "abyss" and
therefore, in his address to the "Judicial Committee" convened in London to
"try" Mr. Judge, Olcott said,

"Mr. Judge's defense is that he is not guilty of the acts charged; that
Mahatmas exist, are related to our Society and in personal contact with
himself; and he avers his readiness to bring many witnesses and documentary
proofs to support his statements....

"The moment we entered into these questions we should violate the most vital
spirit of our federal compact, its neutrality in matters of bleif ... For the
above reason, then, I declare as my opinion that this inquiry must go no
farther ..."

It is interesting that in a private interview with Laura Holloway, in 1906,
Mr. Olcott is reported to have said the following:

"We learn much and outgrow much, and I have outlived much and learned more,
particularly as regards Judge ... I know now, and it will comfort you to hear
it, that I wronged Judge, not willfully or in malice; nevertheless, I have
done this and I regret it."


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