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No wind mills

Oct 06, 1995 04:49 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Dear Jerry & Alan,
> I'm not fighting wind mills. I'll fight for Pedro & Rocinande
> (whether Lady or prostitute), if they need someone in their
> corner, but not for wind mills. As for instance, I took the
> time to read over the by laws published in the last AT, & put
> in a few protests, where I thought they were needed. Did you,
> Jerry? Alan you're in Britain, so these aren't your by laws.
> Liesel

Here in England all the rules are mostly observed in the breach,
as they say; ie., no one takes too much notice of them - except
when they are trotted out in power struggles. I never see the
AT, though we do get Quest here when it comes out.


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