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Re: High-brow chats

Oct 23, 1995 04:59 PM
by Bee Brown

>Why not drum up some topic you are interested in, and make it clear that
>involved history and doctrine is not what you are looking for on that topic.
>There are said to be over 100 subscribers -- they might join you in chat, I
>certainly would.
>I think the "high-brow" stuff if important (and you seem to also) but after
>all, it's not the be-all end-all of Theosophy, is it? We in different
>Theosophical backgrounds (ULT, Adyar TS, Pasadena TS, etc.) have a lot a
>working out and talking to do, but there is no reason other stuff might not
>be going on as well.
Thanks for your understanding. I am interested in all Theosophy on a level
that I can respond to. As I mentioned to Liesel, I would be interested to
know how theosophy is 'done' in Russia, Finland etc. These people have
popped in and left again. Here in Wanganui we are doing our best to keep up
with the teachings and not letting them disintergrate into meaningless warm
fuzzies. There is 3 of us studying the SD and last night we got to the bit
in Vol 2 where HPB was talking on the solar theory and and the chemical
elements and how they passed down through figure 8. Now we actually saw a
little light on that and we were so delighted that we had understood the
general gist. What does lemniscate mean? It is on page 274 and we couldn't
find it in the dictionary. Did HPB make up words to suit herself? Sometimes
we wonder as we can't find them explained anywhere.
Kind regards, Bee>

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