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Re: High-brow chats

Oct 23, 1995 02:28 PM
by Richtay

> What does lemniscate mean? It is on page 274 and we couldn't
> find it in the dictionary. Did HPB make up words to suit herself? Sometimes
> we wonder as we can't find them explained anywhere.
> Kind regards, Bee>
I couldn't find it either. But I think that is largely because HPB was
EXTREMELY learned, spoke to a very learned audience, and a lot of those
"learned" words in Victorian English have dropped out of the language, or
become very obscure. Part of the problem with "the original teachings" is
that they become more and more removed from the vernacular.

You almost need to be a 19th century scholar to get at some of the stuff in
HPB, and yet if we don't understand the Secret Doctrine, how can we carry on
the work at a deep level? Only by doing our best, I think, and applying,
applying applying what we do know, hoping for more light.


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