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Don 2 Leisel

Oct 23, 1995 03:41 PM
by Don DeGracia


<I have always thought that our 3rd object was very vibrant, in that
it meant that we should all keep abreast of the latest findings of
science, as good as we were

I have always taken the 3rd objective to mean that we should take it upon
ourselves to investigate the powers latent within ourselves. And this is
exactly what I have done. Discovering your latent potentialities will not
happen by having others tell you about it. What others say may serve as a
catalyst, but nobody can display the truth of your inner depths to you. Only
you can do that.

<I noticed a while back that people on this list were talking about
the 3rd object as just meaning to explore ESP & etc. which isn't all of nature &

man that's unknown, and rather a narrow view.>

Well, this is a good start. Taking a broader approach simply opens you up the
the whole rest of the world of ideas and knowledge. What is NOT Nature? If
taken broadly enough, the third objective means simply "Know thy self and the
world you inhabit."

< My suggestion is to write up
your ideas on this, if you have the time, & submit them to the AT>

I've written an entire book about it, which I did submit to Quest, but which
they rejected for fear that the book will not sell. The entire book attempts to
fuse scientific and theosophical ideas. It is now collecting dust on my shelf.

<Of course, Theosophy should not only dovetail with science, because
our beliefs also lead into religion, psychology,
probably other fields of study I can't think of just now. That's what
fascinates me so much about Theosphy, it's so broad based.>

The truth is, when your mental vision becomes inclusive enough, labels such as
"science", "religion" and "philosophy" become meaningless. These are mere
lables created by men with the inability to see how all ideas are interwined
with one another. God did not create the universe with neat and tiddy labels
on it. Labels are a man made invention, and an highly artificial one at that.

I've not heard of Serge King's work. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Best regards!


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