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Re: go away???

Oct 01, 1995 08:22 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

> Alan,
> I agree with you. This board is for Theosophy and discussion of Theosophy.
> We do not need to tolerate continual distractions from the discussions.
> It is a waste of time to write to this fellow, but occasionally it is
> necessary to CORRECT the mis-information he is posting for the benefit of the
> readership. I should relax, however, I don't think most people on Theos-L
> are ignorant enough to believe that he writes anything factual, least of all
> about Theosophy.
> I also say, PLEASE GO AWAY. (Or we might find other alternatives. Is there
> a procedure to REMOVE someone from the board?)
> Rich

No, there is not. Methinks the best thing (which is what I am
doing) is to delete his posts on sigt of his header. If no one
replies to him, he will go away out of boredom. I gave him a
long list of questions, which elicited one biblical quote or
two, but not one actual reply. IMO, saying *anything* to him is
a waste of time.



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