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Seeing Auras

Oct 03, 1995 01:15 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Having observed the back-and-forth about whether or not theos-l
is hostile to reports of paranormal experiences, I'll volunteer
to serve as a test case.

Ever since college, when a friend first told me what to look
for, I have been intermittently able to see certain aspects of
the human energy field. Until recently, it required "just
right" lighting conditions and/or intentionality. What I saw
was sort of like what you see through windows that have
radiators under them in the winter: a wavy, transparent
radiance. I never saw more than specks of color, although was
occasionally able to see individual differences.

After reading Barbara Brennan's Light Emerging and spending a
week in California-- including some very high-energy spots--
everything changed last spring. From rare and intermittent,
the aura-seeing became almost constant. From being something
that I had to will myself to see, it became something that
continually sneaked up on me and surprised me. From being just
a vague radiance, it became a large auric egg with fairly
definite boundaries and layers. And occasionally I can see
chakras, more especially a vortex above the head.

What I'd like JRC and Patrick to comment on is that I am
reluctant/unable to see individual differences. I can look at
a roomful of people and see a roomful of auric eggs with sparks
of color and undulating layers and chakras and vortices-- but
they all look alike. Partly this may be explicable by the fact
that I don't *want* to see individual differences, as it seems
like an invasion of privacy. I don't want to "know" things
about people from seeing their auras. Or maybe it's all
imaginary and anyone who *really* sees, sees profound
individual differences.

The vivid intensity of the experience (which is tapering off
now, months after the trip) makes me feel sure that there is
real perception going on, not just "seeing what I want to
see." In other words, objective reality is involved. But then
I think, "if it's that objective, why does everyone look the

For better or worse, the sameness has a wonderful, uplifting
effect on my consciousness. That is, being struck by the
large, radiant auric field of someone working in the yard as I
drive by evokes a whole set of pleasurable associations:
1. That person is a spiritual being with many layers of
consciousness and materiality; so are all persons.
2. My spiritual consciousness is magnetized by the sight of
another person's aura, provoking feelings of impersonal love,
compassion, peace.
3. The emergence of the ability to see this is a promise of
further unexpected unfoldings ahead, maybe in this life and
maybe not. But it is encouraging.

OK, JRC, here's your guinea pig. Let's see if anyone has
anything helpful or critical to say about my "confession."


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