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RE: Rich on CWL & Censorship

Oct 10, 1995 10:36 PM
by Eldon B. Tucker


>As for Jerry HE, I'm under the impression that the rest of us have
>been getting into really fruitful & enlightening discussions about the various
>facets of Theosophy, whereas Jerry, has some sort of an annoying bent in his
>character which is just always itching to provoke a fight. I'm sure glad
>I'm not married to him.

You must be upset with Jerry at the moment, since you're making the mistake
that you've just told him not to make: a personal barb. His were at, you say,
Leadbeater. Yours is at him: "I'm sure glad I'm not married to him." In a
way, you have a double barb. When we're in a group talking to people, and we
start talking about one of us in the third person, as though he's not there,
that is ususally an indirect way of snubbing the person.

Your comment can be taken in two ways. Without the "<grin>" it's possible to
take it literally as a barb. With a better choice of words it might come off
as funny. I know Rich has attempted to be funny, and one of the earlier attempts
was not taken as a joke (saying "I object to PJ writing about seeing auras"),
but later making his humor more clear in the writing. I can give you the benefit
of the doubt and find humor in your comment, but not everyone will. I wonder
how Jerry takes the comment?

-- Eldon

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