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Re: science

Oct 10, 1995 10:45 PM
by Aprioripa

Deaar Liesel,

 Well, again the process of science is being confused with the mistakes of
scientists. Theosophy as "God's Wisdom" is a valid ideal even though many
who call themselves theosophists make mistakes and disagree about precepts.
 The same is true for science.

>However, I don't agree with your "if one can make a prediction which
>comes true ... then one is heading toward some right
>The trouble is that if a scientist makes a prediction, he is liketly
>to look for proofs that will validate his prediction,

 This is actually fine. Hypotheses based on our current experiential
framework which make true predictions about observable effects are what
theosophy does also. The scientific process works.

>& he will
>ignore (not one purpose) other factors, because they don't prove his

 Only a small minority of those who claim to be scientists fall into this
trap for very long. Science is, as Don said, self-correcting and has a peer
review process which helps greatly in this. Theosophy would be well served
if theosophists followed similar formula.


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