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Re: Cat evolution

Oct 31, 1995 03:38 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Ann,

Right you are! my 2 cats taught me too, ie 1 did & one still is.
For one thing I'm learning her signals. For another, it seems that
cats never move in a straight line, but at a kind of zig zag. For a
third they were & are so loving, it provokes the same response in me.
 Chouchou most often does what I ask her to do. I think
because I try to follow through with what she's trying to communicate
to me. I do what she wants, so she does what I want. I think I've
mentioned before, she was a handful as a kitten. She bit all the
time, but not anymore, and she was all over the map. For some reason,
even though she invariably
sits somewhere near me, she doesn't like to be held, nor sit on my
lap. By now, she wont bite when I try to pet her, unless she's had
enough. Since some client of my son Dave, found her half dead in a
ditch, maybe whoever had her when she was born mistreated her badly.

 Jerry speaking of our changing cultural views, I suspect that the
medieval "witches", who were solitary human beings, had cats to keep
them company. Do your wife Betty's books say anything about that?

Jerry, I've finished copying off the reincarnation material for you
as well. The envelope is going downstairs tomorow, so it should reach
you in a few days.

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