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Re: To be a Theosophist

Oct 31, 1995 03:38 AM
by John R Crocker

On Tue, 31 Oct 1995, K. Paul Johnson wrote:
> That doesn't mean I'm unsubscribing from theos-l, but that from
> here on out I intend to be a witness to this truth: There are
> thousands and thousands of people who are interested in HPB and
> other Theosophical writers, who may have at one time joined a
> Theosophical organization, and have moved on not in anger
> but in regret. Regret that a great rushing torrent of
> spiritual energy that transformed the world has now become a
> muddy trickle incapable of transforming the dysfunctional
> organizations that commemorate its heroic past. Regret that
> the most creative, interesting people who have passed through
> the movement in this century-- like Ouspensky, David-Neel, and
> Dharmapala-- were stifled by its conformity and felt obliged to
> move on. Regret that "What is Theosophy" and "What is a
> Theosophist" have become ways of excluding and feeling superior
> to the outside world, rather than embracing and including the
> best it has to offer. This by no means describes all or even most
> of the individuals I have known in the Theosophical movement. But it surely
> describes the organizations and their inner circles.

Wow. *Exceedingly* well said. -JRC

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