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Re: Purucker on the Seven Rays

Oct 17, 1995 11:50 PM
by Aprioripa


 I read over Purucker's statements and, my friend, I find no
contradiction between what he says and what A. Bailey wrote. I agree
whole-heartedly that there is much astral flapdoodle on rays. But this is
also true of astrology and does not invalidate the idea of astrology or rays
and their influences at all levels. I find Purucker's radiance in his
writings to be geniune, it is many of the inferences that are drawn from his
writings in the post that are unfounded.

>The idea of rays has to do with our spiritual-divine origins, and not
>with the outer personality, nor the astrological influences of western,
>exoteric astrology.

 From where is this conclusion derived or inferred? It is a more
reasonable assessment to accept that the sevenfold qualities flow through all
levels of manifestation - and this is in fact the case.

 The influences of planes, rays, centers (chains, globes, rounds) and
astrological cycles all overlap and interrelate in a multi-dimensional and
holistic manner. These influences work on all levels as far as humanity is
concerned. The Identity that we call the Monad is also on a level from a
cosmic perspective.

 Interestingly, interchanges between globes can and do occur very often
via the planes of vibratory relationship. For example the earth humanity
over the last few decades has effected energy transfers (also known as
spaceships) on the physical plane with almost all of the other physical
globes - and this is a reflection of what is going on on more subtle energy
levels. All of this is qualified by the vibratory relation of rays, planes
and cycles.

>> I would that I could write at greater length upon this matter of the
>> Rays if only in order to point out the errors and mistaken conclusions
>> of the many astralistic and psychistic authors in different Theosophical
>> societies who have written or said so much flapdoodle about these Rays;

 To be sure, here Purucker is expressing a need that has only increased
today - and we can all work on helping in this.

 As mentioned, I find, so far, only agreement with his writings and those
of A. Bailey and H.P.B.


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