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Re: The Nature of Space (Science & Theosophy)

Oct 15, 1995 07:17 PM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

2 Questions for Patrick
or any other scientist or science buff out there.

You start out with "space is n-dimensional". Is there some rational
explanation for this, that a layman can understand? Something
experiential would be even better. My understanding goes as far as 3
dimensions, & I know the 4th dimension is time, but that already
doesn't make any sense to me. I've puzzled about this for quite a
while because here's dimensions from 1 of Harry's charts which also
doesn't make any sense to me:

physical body (the electrosomatic field) - 3 dimesional
psyche (personality, emotions, thought processes, electro psychic
field) - 4 dimensional
cognition (eidos, field of archetypes & potentials of function) - 5 dimensional
synthesis (nous, being, awareness of man & universe as unity) -) 6 dimensional
consciousness (beness, field of all encompassing unity;
indefinable) - 7 dimensional

That, as far as Patrick's interesting post is concerned.

Something else I just don't understand is part of the chaos theory.
What's "non-linear" equations, non linear time, or what have you?

I'd appreciate anyone's answer, if it can be done so a 7th grader can
understand it.



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