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The Nature of Space (Science & Theosophy)

Oct 15, 1995 09:52 PM
by Aprioripa


 Here is an article about space nature written as scientist/theosophist

On Space

 "The eternal parent wrapped in her ever-invisible robes had slumbered once
again for seven eternities.
 "Time was not, for it lay asleep in the infinite bosom of duration. ...
 "Alone the one form of existence stretched boundless, infinite, causeless,
in dreamless sleep; and life pulsated unconscious in universal space,
throughout that all-presence which is sensed by the opened eye of the
 The Secret Doctrine, Cosmogenesis, 27.

 Modern astronomical researchers are delving more and more into the qualities
and effects of cosmic processes. In truth space is n-dimensional and is an
evolving entity about which we are not yet learning the A-B-C's (although we
are working on learning A).

 The current scientific determination that astronomical observations support
the "big bang" theory of creation is most interesting and can tell us much
about modern thought and where it is going. The observations which are being
made are being interpreted in a three dimensional spatial context. But the
energies which are being observed are actually part of etheric processes
which reflect higher spatial dimensional relationships. In fact what is
being observed is a three-dimensional reflection of four and five and higher
dimensional spatial relationships. This reflection can make it appear that
everything in the universe came from a central point just as our image in a
mirror appears to be flat. But the conclusions which are being made from the
observations of cosmic energies are the same as if we conclude from observing
ourselves in a mirror that we are flat. Galaxies and groups of galaxies and
whole fields of space are created by higher dimensional cosmic processes
which at present cannot even be imagined by the best minds of humanity. The
great sciences of cosmic beings are as far beyond us as nuclear physics is
beyond an amoeba. Nevertheless by analogy and correspondence we can gain
some sense of the next steps in our understanding of the origins of the

 Science as a process of learning, under the impression of the intuition,
will through experimental understanding help liberate humanity from the
materialistic identifications and provide a practical means for humanity to
cooperate with spatial energies.

 This book (A Treatise on White Magic) will be based also upon four
fundamental postulates which must be admitted by the student ... as providing
an hypothesis worthy of his consideration and trial. ... These postulates
might be enumerated as follows and are given in the order of their

 I. First, that there exists in our manifested universe the expression of an
Energy of Life which is the responsible cause of the diverse forms and the
vast hierarchy of sentient beings who compose the sum total of all that is.

 II. ... the one Life, manifesting through matter, produces a third factor
which is consciousness. ... This is the Theory of Self-determination or the
teaching that all the lives of which the one life is formed, in their sphere
and in their state of being, become, ..., grounded in matter and assume forms
whereby their peculiar specific state of consciousness may be realized and
the vibration stabilized; thus they may know themselves as existences. ...

 III. The third basic postulate is that the object for which life takes form
and the purpose of manifested being is the unfoldment of consciousness, or
the revelation of the soul. This might be called the Theory of the Evolution
of Light. ...

 IV. The fourth postulate consists of the statement that all lives manifest
cyclically. This is the Theory of Re-birth of or re-incarnation, the
demonstration of the law of periodicity. ... (A Treatise on White Magic, pp.

(From Writings in Psychosophy Vol. 1) (copyright, etc.)


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