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The Book

Oct 05, 1995 07:52 PM
by james yungkans

I think it would be an Excellent idea! the benefit, at the least,
would be an overview of each of these teachings, with commentary
as to how each of them 'Stack up' against the other. Such a book
would prabably benefit from review, not only by the 'review committe'
but by having each chapter in question reviewed by the respective
school (I.E. let A.R.E. review and comment on the Cacye chapter,
Rosacrucian Fellowship-Oceanside on the Heindel chapter, etc.)
Even with the potential for confusion, perhaps a chapter talking
about which teachings are in agreement/disagreement with each other
would be a good summary chapter (tward the end).

Time is limited, but would love to see it happen.


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