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Re: Rich on CWL & Censorship

Oct 10, 1995 10:27 AM
by Liesel F. Deutsch

Dear Rich,

Too bad you brought this subject up again. We've had 2 fights about
CWL on this net. I don't intend to get into a third one, so I'm going
to answer what you just wrote now, & then won't answer you any more.

I got as far as reading Tillet's intro, & part of chapter 1, before I
made the 7 Rays Book Stoke take the book back. In the intro Tillet
states clearly that he was refused access to the Adyar archives, &
also that the Outer Head refused to speak to him (naturally, but not
understanding the secrecy of the ES he gets angry about this) so
who knows where he got his material from.
I personally have known 2 of CWL's pupils, & have read a letter from
a third one; all of them were entrusted to CWL's care as preadolescent
children; all of them refute the whole sexual mishmash. All of them
had parents who cared deeply about them. The lives of
these 3 people bear out that they weren't molested as kids, because
1) they'd have done the same thing as adults, & they didn't &
2) they would have been psychological cripples from the experience.
All 3 of them were very dynamic & mature personalities, whose lives
were led to the good of mankind. Having been partly brought up by
CWL, the way they conducted their own lives bears withness to the
fact that CWL did very well by them.

CWL's writings were not only about psychic visions, as you've been
led to believe. I consider some of it, like
"The Masters & The Path" the most beautifully put explanations
 of theosophy. They make your heart soar.

You say he doesn't quote anyone. I just happen to be reading "Talks
on The Path of Occultism", a commentary by CWL on "The Voice ..." In
it he often quotes HPB as his Teacher, & also Hindu & Buddhist sages
& etc.



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