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Re: Rich on CWL & Censorship

Oct 10, 1995 03:59 PM
by Richtay

Liesel, speaking of the CWL biographer, writes:

> In the intro Tillet
> states clearly that he was refused access to the Adyar archives, &
> also that the Outer Head refused to speak to him (naturally, but not
> understanding the secrecy of the ES he gets angry about this) so
> who knows where he got his material from.?

He got his material from OTHER archives, and one of his primary documents was
the 1,000+ page court document where CWL was tried. Tillet does not make up
his sources, I've seen some of them with my own eyes, including the court
document. Because someone is refused access to Adyar doesn't mean there are
no other sources in the world which are accurate.


> I personally have known 2 of CWL's pupils, & have read a letter from
> a third one; all of them were entrusted to CWL's care as preadolescent
> children; all of them refute the whole sexual mishmash.
Tillet, the biographer, brings out the point that CWL had two "rings" of
students, those who were intimately (so to speak) associated with him, and
those who were indeed direct students, but not so intimately. Not all his
students knew the same thing, because they had not all experienced the same

Liesel, since you admit that you didn't read past chapter 1, you missed the
entire letters Tillet prints from former CWL students, where they discuss in
detail what went on. And statements from various boys' mothers. And witness
testimony in courts.

It is interesting that when HPB was defamed by the missionaries and Coulombs
in India, she was anxious to go to court to defend herself, and Theosophists
told her not too. CWL made every attempt to stay OUT of court, and his
friend Wedgwood, formerly the presiding bishop of the Liberal Catholic
Church, ADMITTED his promiscuity, with kids and adults. He didn't even deny
it, left the country where he was accused, and resigned from the LCC.


> You say he doesn't quote anyone. I just happen to be reading "Talks
> on The Path of Occultism", a commentary by CWL on "The Voice ..." In
> it he often quotes HPB as his Teacher, & also Hindu & Buddhist sages
> & etc.

Well, CWL makes passing references to people, but compare ANY of his works,
which are mostly assertions and psychic visions, with a few quotes of
whatever, to HPB's ISIS UNVEILED and SECRET DOCTRINE, where we find literally
10,000+ references to books, authors, historical evidence, philosopers,
scientists, etc. etc. etc. The comparison is overwhelming. HPB works in
English, but draws freely from Tibetan, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin, Hebrew,
Egyptian, etc. You need her GLOSSARY just to wade through her writing.
 Leadbeater didn't speak ANY of those languages, and merely repeated what HPB
said, usually WRONG.

As for declaring himself an "Arhat" or an Enlightened Buddhist Sage, and
declaring Krishnamurti the WORLD CHRIST, that is probably the single greatest
loss of credibility in the T.S. If Theosophists lost Leadbeater and his
books, or as Jerry H-E has stated, to publish his stuff un-edited, as we do
HPB's works, the Theosophical movement would gain IMMEASURABLY.

CWL is a huge liability, and just cannot be defended from the FACTS about his
life and teachings. I don't see what he offers that can't be gotten from
other, more respectably teachers, and instead, he really drags the T.S. down.


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