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Re: Daniel on Globes

Oct 02, 1995 03:39 AM
by Richtay


It seems that you, Daniel Caldwell and I basically see things similarly,
namely that the great mass of humanity ("our" humanity) has its whole
evolution, for the time being, here upon our Globe.

Where we may have some disagreements (mostly, I assume, through unfamiliarity
with Purucker) is how Fifth Rounders become so advanced (here on Globe D or
elsewhere?) and how, esxactly, when one emerges from Devachan on Globe D, one
comes back to the physical plane to incarnate -- by passing through all the
globes or simply descending through Globe D's spheres until reaching the

The old Aryans of India have a very interesting doctrine that the souls
awaiting incarnation are drawn into the clouds, descend to the earth as rain,
become involved in certain plant life (not all kinds), the plants are eaten
by males, who during coitus introduce the "seed of life" into the womb.

It is not clear to me (with a tip of the hat to Paul Johnson) that this whole
story is to be taken literally. What do the clouds symbolize? The rain? The
plants? etc.

It is quite possible that this teaching is also LITERALLY true, but we might
find hints of the doctrine of globes in it, especially as HPB and Wllm Q.
Judge were at such pains to highlight the ancient Indian view on cosmology
and anthropology.


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