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Re: Globes, Planes, Principles: some Comments to Jerry S. From Daniel C.

Oct 01, 1995 04:52 PM
by Richtay

Jerry S. writes:

> our entire Kama-Loka and Devachan
> experiences (what the Tibetans call the Bardo) are effected precisely by
how we
> lived
> our life on Globe D (i.e., while we were incarnated). Our experiences on
> D
> *cause* our experiences in the after-death states (the *effects* of our
> The
> same is true with our dreams. In this sense, the "world of effects" for
Globe D
> lies on the Etheric, Astral, Mental, and Causal Planes.?

This quote on the face of it presents us with some problems. How can the
"world of effects" for Globe D include the "Causal Plane"? How can what is
causal be a plane of effects?

The whole idea of associating Globes simply with planes is quite problematic.
 Rather, eaech Globe would appear from HPB's teachings to have its own set of
planes, at least as relates to those beings experiencing life in a Globe.

The "astral" body does not exist on some other Globe, it exists right here on
this one, we can see its effect on the physical matter here. When a medium
manifests their "astral arm" or whatever, it can move physical objects, etc.
 Likewise when we think (using our Manas) we are not thinking on Globe G, we
are thinking right here and now, on this Globe D in this physical body. How
could different parts of our own septenary nature exist on different globes?
 This makes no sense to me, literally.

If the globes are just the planes, why name them as different things at all?
 To me the teachings are extremely clear that the Globes are complex worlds
of planes in themseves, and cannot be reduced to simply one plane or another.


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