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Daniel on Globes

Oct 01, 1995 04:52 PM
by Richtay

At first blush, what Daniel Caldwell is showing from the ML's on the globes
is what I have thought all along (although Daniel is considerably more
articulate and learned).

It seems that all of our human evolution -- for the time being -- takes place
here on Globe D. Physical incarnation is where all of our energies are
manifested in setting up causes. Kamaloka, Rupaloka, and Arupaloka, are
where the effects are played out. This is orthodox Buddhism, as well, but
more importantly, it seems to be what the Mahatmas themselves are sketching
out in Their letters.

Being not familiar with Purucker, it is hard to say how his stuff applies,
but the concept of going to other globes for our after-death states strikes
me as intuitively wrong and misunderstanding the Globes as complete,
seven-fold centers of evolutionary life in themselves. They have their own
astral aspects, their own kama-lokas, etc. How all the globes inter-relate
in their inner natures is for me a very curious question.


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