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Re: From 26 to 41

Oct 01, 1995 10:49 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to
> There is a very hard time avoiding the discussion of people and their
> personalities, and there is a hard time focusing on the issues and the
> philosophy of Theosophy. Why just today, I've read comments on my sex life,
> my age, and my immaturity. And what does this have to do with the price of
> tea in China?
You appear fascinated with the personality of CWL and keep
bringing up his sex life (who brought up yours?) and his
spiritual immaturity. What does this have to do with your
noble goal of transcending "personal" discussion?
> More importantly, what do such discussions yield us as far as fruits in the
> study of Theosophy? I would venture -- very little.
> Rich
Sorry you're as offended by my post as by Jerry's. We're
trying to reach out to you and say "lighten up, relax, we're
all in the same boat." Personality issues are going to keep
arising as you approach the study of Theosophy with an
either/or, punish-the-evildoers attitude. Theosophy is more
than a set of teachings. A Master is quoted by HPB as saying
that he who is entitled to the name of Theosophist will sit in
judgment on no one. To me that means Theosophy is about
understanding others in their full complexity, not sorting them
into "approved" and "condemned" columns.


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