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Oct 02, 1995 11:22 AM

To JRC and Jerry H-E

It so happens that I voted for Bing as well. I think that at
the time, he got a dirty deal. But that was 4 and 6 years ago,
I believe.
I was taught to learn what I could from the past, but to live
in the Now. Otherwise you're always dragging all sorts of Karma
chains around with you, like Marley's ghost.
Also according to a quote from Martin Luther King I've
mentioned before, but it fits in here:
"Hate the deed, but love the doer". If you can't forgive,
you'll get all shrivelled up inside. All in all, it's my firm
belief that it's more productive to keep on going happily, &
just keep a little watch out of the corner of your eye, because
we don't want that kind of nonesense to happen again. The
realitiy of today is Bing is on the Board. If I judge Bing
correctly, he's not holding any grudges. Well, I think neither
should we. I did a heap of protesting while things were
happening. But that doesn't apply anymore today, not to me
anyway. I'd rather go on to something more productive now.


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