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Marley's ghost.

Oct 02, 1995 11:03 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Liesel Writes:

>I was taught to learn what I could from the past, but to live
>in the Now. Otherwise you're always dragging all sorts of Karma
>chains around with you, like Marley's ghost.

 Marley's ghost forged those chains one by one during his
life because of his greed and his own spiritual blindness.
Amidst his suffering in death, he sent to Scrooge the Ghost of
Christmas Past so that he could avoid the fate awaiting him with
the ghost of Christmas future.
 Recognizing the errors of the past is one thing, but moving
on without taking steps to assure that the errors do not happen
again guarantees that they will. If you would like, just think
of me as your friendly Ghost of Christmas Past reminding all of
us of those errors that are yet to be fixed and are ready to
confront us again in the future.

>Also according to a quote from Martin Luther King I've
>mentioned before, but it fits in here:
>"Hate the deed, but love the doer". If you can't forgive,
>you'll get all shrivelled up inside. All in all, it's my firm
>belief that it's more productive to keep on going happily, &
>just keep a little watch out of the corner of your eye, because
>we don't want that kind of nonesense to happen again.

 This may be your philosophy "to keep on going happily" but
King fought on for justice until stopped by an assassin's bullet.
King wasn't "going happily" watching "out of the corner of his
eye", but he was fighting in the trenches during every moment of
his life. I would rather think that King's happiness might have
come from knowing that he made a difference, even if the cost was
his life.
 Whether King took his own advice to "love the doer" of the
deeds of racism, I don't know, but whether he did or not, he
continued to fight their deeds. His example is one worthy of
following IMHO.


Jerry HE

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