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Re: Channelling

Oct 31, 1995 11:54 AM
by Bee Brown

>>The rendering of the personality and body into a negative unconscious
>>state for an entity to possess or use it is *always* wrong. There are no
>>exceptions. There are many deceivers and manipulators on the astral plane ...
>Here's a point where we can find agreement. But there are at least
>two exceptions to this that we need to consider.
>Was Cayce unconscious while giving his readings? If so, does that
>make the readings wrong, when many proved helpful to the people
>they were done for?
>When Bee mentions channelling and says that she is aware of what
>is going on (e.g. she is not in an unconscious state), is her
>experience wrong? If she's aware of what is happenning, it is
>not a case of possession, but more like another form of interaction
>with non-physical beings.
>>The Masters may use the personality of a chela but this occurs
>>in full waking consciousness and the chela is completely aware ...
>This is what Blavatsky was said to do at times with her Teachers.
>I recall something that Col. Olcott wrote about watching HPB
>in New York when he could tell when KH or M was using her. Is
>the ability to do this highly exceptional, or is it something
>more common but just not talked about?
>-- Eldon
>Bee here,
I don't think it is that exceptional but it is the ability to be neutral
when channeling that seems to be the problem. Our own opinions seem to get
mixed up with what is actually said. I can decide not to let something be
said and cause confusion in the transmission, something like talk-back radio
where it is just lagging behind enough to stop any bad language, eg. My good
invisible friend terms himself the Elder Brother and implies he is attached
to a teaching ashram of a master. That is all I know but there is also the
implication that 'he' is an energy of some sort rather that a 'person' . I
have internal conversations as well as audible channeling but only do it now
and then when it seems required. I have to say that what is channeled is
very theosophical and that brings in the question, is it me talking to
myself through my theosophical knowledge. I have developed better intuition
since doing all this and find that when reading, e.g de Purucker, I have an
intuitive idea of what he is saying, almost as if it is a reminder of
something I have known before. Strange sometimes. I have heeded the warnings
and treat channeling with caution but value the knowledge that it is
available should I want to use it or if it should required to be used. It
seems to open the mind to another level of reality and it takes a while to
feel comfortable there as it is not the usual way of feeling but is hard to
explain. The only thing I come up with is that it is like having a foot in
two worlds and the secret is to learn to balance oneself and not fall into
one or the other. I also seem to switch into channel mode when I want to
explain some aspect of theosophy to some one or sort out in my mind some of
what I read on Theos-l. It almost feels like a real shift in consciousness
and the knowledge comes in a flow from somewhere or it flows in and joins
itself to the correct pigeonhole, so to speak.
All this is probably as clear as mud, so I will leave it at that.


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