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DON 2 Keith

Oct 31, 1995 12:26 PM
by Don DeGracia


I'm sorry to hear about your accident. I'm glad to hear you are recovering fine
and that you have a healthy attitude about your circumstances!

Thanks for sharing your "delirium" experience. This has happened to me too when
I get really ill with a fever.

I think you are correct that these tie in to "astral travel, dream,
hallucination, out of by experience, near death experience". All these states
have much in common. I don't know that I would go so far as to equate them with
the unitive experience of mystical consciousness, which, based on my
experiences, is much different that OBE/dream related phenomena. However, the
value of the dream related phenomena, even if it occurs in a fever delirium, is
that it at least takes one into these states. The average person only gets
their via their dreams, and then they are not lucid. Going there lucid, and
having some sense of the difference between that state and the waking state is
important, I think, again, because it opens one's eyes to what theosophists have
traditionally called the "planes" and what I more reservedly call "altered
states of consciousness".

<I am not sure if our consciousness, my conscionssness is eternal or just
consciosness as the complete spectrum???>

Actually, Keith, I think its both. And also, I don't believe in "my"
consciousness or "your" consciousness. Such ideas are maya. There is only one
eternal consciousness that fills all things. You can call it God, or Tao, or
Sam for all it cares. But underneath the awareness of all seperate creatures
(including atoms, galaxies and other seemingly inanimate objects) there is only
one undivided, eternal consciousness. Its quite paradoxical actually. But then
again, it is our human assumption that reality has to make sense. I don't
recall God ever signing a contract with us to this effect. <g>

< I want to E-mial you privately as I wrote a letter to Stephen LaBerge>

Yes, feel free to do so. I'll be curious to hear if Dr. LaBerge writes you

Well, Keith, I wish you a speedy and uneventful recovery.

Lets all sent good etheric healing vibes Keith's way, everybody!



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