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Oct 31, 1995 09:11 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

The original meaning of the word(s) we render as "sin" as found
in Greek and Hebrew scriptural writings relates to the concept
of sin as "missing the mark," as perhaps in archery. It
presupposes an aim, a goal to be achieved, so that "sin" is a
falling short of the ideal or "perfect."

The churches, as other organisations, have not surprisingly
perverted the term to their own uses, e.g., not doing what we
tell you is "sinful".

The whole idea of sin depends (surprise!) upon there being a
teaching (or dogma) to which the sin is relative. Thus, "sin"
cannot be a law, only a subjective perception.

This is one reason I favour Kabala, which is concerned with
understanding the *law* of things. Whatever moral or ethical
positions one takes up in the light of such understanding (also
subjective) is up to me (or you, or you, or you, etc.).


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