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Oct 30, 1995 09:10 PM
by Aprioripa

 The rendering of the personality and body into a negative unconscious
state for an entity to possess or use it is *always* wrong. There are no
exceptions. There are many deceivers and manipulators on the astral plane
and their goal is to convince as many people as possible that being possessed
is a good thing so that they can have a taste of physical life and sustain
their personality by taking vitality/prana from the unconscious person and
those who look to the channeler for information. Jane Roberts and Seth are
just as deluded and wrong as the rest.

 The Masters may use the personality of a chela but this occurs in full
waking consciousness and the chela is completely aware when in, when
transfering control and when out of the body. When this occurs all that is
noticed by those watching is that the chela seems to be radiating greater
light, love and wisdom.

 - Patrick

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