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answer to 2 posts

Oct 08, 1995 11:50 AM

I'm trying to condense, because yesterday Delphi sent me a
statement for September. My bill was over $361.- I'm still in a
state of shock. Tomorrow AM I'm being tutored by the Dreamscape
people, which is a local service, & offers unlimited access for
very little money. After I know what I'm doing, I'll be
changing over.

Re: Question to Jerry HE
I agree with the other 2, Jerry. Your answer is nicley put.

Re: to Eldon

I'd like to make a few comments, which arise for me out of your
discussion, but may not have anything at all to do with your
bones of contention.

"psychic" is by now derogatory. "spiritual" isn't the right
nomenclature. I like to say ESP, but John called it "inner
abilities" or "paranormal powers". To me, any of these sound

"I'd stil want a Mahatma or Chela to oversee my training ... &
not experiment on my own."
"These people ... can come study, & take whatever of value they
find in the books."
I believe that some of the teaching needs to be transmitted
from 1 person to another. Books are a valuable beginning, but
can get you just so far.
I have heard speak of a person who was very effective at
teaching meditation because she could see auras, & thus could
more easily tell what the learner was doing right or wrong.
Also, I think that some things are transmitted by imitating
someone who knows how to do it.

"...although we don't get far without a tried & proven
I wonder how true that is. I know that my meditating, for
instance, though mostly Harry's teaching, also has elements in
it from Rabbi Arieh Kaplan. Also, even though I was taught to
be alone & undisturbed, my cat Chou chou likes to come & cuddle
up next to me when I meditate, & it feels very comfortable,
even though I think CWL wouldn't agree. I found out what way
was easiest for me to do. Seems to me, you need to adapt the
tried & true to your own needs & bent. Any comments on this?

"I do not know what you mean subjectively when you talk about
the'inner knowing'" Not very clear to me what you're asking,
I found out fairly recently that the so called "higher realms"
are subjective. Does that fit in there?

I'm not sure whether the "Psychic senses" are an extension of
anything. My perception, which may not be right, is that
they're autonomous senses, in the same way as the senses of
hearing, taste., smell etc. Anyone have any good info on this?



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